Finding the perfect color for darker skin can sometimes be hard work! That's why I loveMACCosmetics. An all inclusive brand that offers all skin types a vast range of colour palettes! So I decided to put together a hit list of6 Must Have productsfrom MAC for darker skin types. The perfect last minute additions to your festive wishlist.

1.Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation

Number oneon the list isMatchmaster SPF 15 Foundation. This has literally changed my life. For years I rummaged through various foundations, finding the right shade and a base that works wellon my combination skin. In most cases I would break out, look like I hadn't creamed my face as the tone appeared ashy or the complete reverse, and end up looking like a shiny pool ball.

I was relieved to find this foundation which honestly does the job hands down.8.5is the shade used and it works a treat on my combination skin giving me a flawless demi-matte finish with medium, buildable coverage andhelps to absorb excess oil. This foundation always gives me a flawless and natural look

2.Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

Next up we finished the base withMineralize Skinfinish Natural.Thisface powder is mineral based and helps give your skina dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Complete with a mirror, it is perfect to take with you on the go for touch-ups throughout the day. It sits perfect on dark skin and it wear it almost everyday.. I love it

3.Prep + Prime Highlighter

Now when I saw the colour of this highlight pencil I was completely convinced this was not going to match my skin tone.Peach Lustreis the darkest tone from the collection and much to my surprise I was completely wrong. This alongside (Improper Copper)aremy new favourite must have from MAC. ThisPrep + Prime highlightpencil allows you to have defined and precise highlighted areas on your face and adds a natural glow if you like a subtle look or even a dramaticcontorted look. We applied this after our foundation base. For the best effects use over makeup whenhighlighting as well as for touch-ups or under makeup to brighten and prime.

4.Powder Blush

Next up isFever is my favorite blush. It isa pro longwear powder blush that is an intense reddish meets burgundy tone. It is also matte so has a really nice finish. I didn?t apply too much of it, however it does give you a warm reddish tone with minimal application. It is insane and it looks perfect on dark skin

5.Mineralize Eye Shadow x4|(A Glimmer of Gold)

Now for the all important eyes! I used the4x Glimmer of Gold palettefrom theMineralize Eye Shadowcollection. The colours are different to the ones that appear online, so I?d advise going in store to make sure the palette are your desired choices. None the less I had fun playing with soft and bright golds in this collection

6. Lipsticks

Lastly on the list is this very festivebold lipstick colours. I love bold lipsticks and it look so gorgeous on dark skin

Visit:www.maccosmetics.com to get yours now

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