We've all experienced friend break-ups. Sometimes a relationship ends for a reason, and sometimes you just drift apart. But then there are those friends that will be with you no matter what. Here are five signs that your friendship has what it takes to last a lifetime.

1. You feel good after seeing each other.
We've all had relationships that turned into competitions, or were so filled with thoughts unsaid that spending time together could be exhausting. Dramatic acquaintances fade away with distance and time, but relationships that make both of you happy are built to last.
2. You talk about your ideas and feelings instead of talking about people.
We all talk about other people sometimes, but if the only thing you have in common with someone is indulging in gossip, it's a sign your friendship might be fleeting. A forever friend will want to learn about your beliefs and desires, not just dish on the latest news in other people's lives.
3. You make each other laugh.
There is no better feeling than laughing until you can't breathe with a great friend. If your senses of humor click, that's a big sign that your relationship will continue through all of life's big changes.
4. You go out of your way for each other.
In romantic relationships, we all expect a little sacrifice. The same is true for lasting friendships! These friends are the friends who will sit in traffic for an hour just to watch a movie with you or go see your favorite band play even if they're not a fan, and you?d do the same for them. Small inconveniences don't matter when you love spending time together more than anything else.
5. You support each other's dreams.
You and your friends won't always have the same goals, and that's okay. But lasting friends will never be threatened by your lives moving in different directions. Life is about growth, and your true friends will be the ones you celebrate milestones with. You both might be traveling through different life stages, but when you are happy for each other throughout every transition, your connection is built to last a lifetime

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