Love is unpredictable. One day you can be head over heels for each other, unable to think of anyone else, but somehow, sometimes in just a matter of months, both of you have moved on to other people. Short relationships aren't a bad thing every relationship has something to teach us. But how do you know when you've found the real guy, well here are some signs i found interesting that a relationship is built to last.

You enjoy time together and time apart.Balance is key to any lasting relationship. It might seem romantic at first to spend every waking minute with your significant other, but that is not a healthy or sustainable way to be in a relationship. Partnerships that have long-term potential thrive when both people can remain individuals. Being together should be a joy, not something that is mandated.

You disagree well. True love doesn't mean that you agree with each other about every single thing. It doesn't mean you'll never get annoyed with one another. What it does mean is that when conflict happens, you handle it with respect and care. When people in a lasting relationship disagree, they address the issue and give each other the time and space to cool off instead of lashing out with harmful insults that escalate the argument.

You take interest in each other's interests. You don't have to have all of the same interests as your significant other, but it is important to include each other in what makes you happy. If one of you loves everything about soccer and the other one is obsessed with horror movies, that's not necessarily a bad thing. You can enjoy things separately, but both of you should find a way to take part in each other's interests once in a while.Devoting one night to watching soccer and another to catching the latest scary flick shows that you are both willing to compromise and try new things, which is a good indicator that the relationship is going in a good direction.

You are included in each other's lives. Obviously you don't have to meet everyone in your significant other's life within the first few weeks to know whether or not a relationship is going to work. But when two people are committed to one another, they aren't afraid to integrate their relationship with the rest of their social life. If you develop relationships with each other's family and friends as well as each other, that's a hint that you're both in it for the long haul.

You talk about your goals. This doesn't mean you need to start talking about what kind of house you want on the second date. But people in a long-term relationship you guys should be supportive of each other?s future and dreams, part of that means knowing what your significant other wants out of life and doing what you can to help them achieve it. People who help each other study for big exams or brainstorm about a new career path, or even train together for a 5k are demonstrating a commitment to their future happiness. And that's a great sign that a relationship is built to last.

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