There was a time when the only app we had on our phones were AIM and maybe one decent game if we're lucky. Now, it's the 21st century and we should be taking advantage of all the time-saving, convenient apps the world has to offer us! Whether it be social life, career, or health, apps can make your life a lot better with the click of a button. We all know about Instagram and Facebook. And of course we all know about the apps already on our phones such as email and the calculator. But what else is there in the app world?


The best photo editing app, probably used by your favorite Instagram accounts, you get tons of filters, EASY photo editing options and frames. This is one of the only apps I actually pay for. I've never used an Instagram filter since I downloaded this app.

♥A Beautiful Mess:
A Beautiful Mess is a really fun app to have for those who need to add words / doodles on their photos. Whether you are a blogger, an educator, an artist, or someone who just loves to edit photos, this app is super cute to have.

Free and convenient. I don't make collages too often, but this app is one of those must have photo apps. They have plenty of options for collages and it's really customizable.


♥Itunes U:
Get an education without drowning yourself in debt! You can listen to lectures from professors from all over on basically any subject you want. Plus, unlike college,you can actually try everything out for free.

So much yes! Learn languages for free on an app. Perfect if you are going on vacation overseas or if you just wanna add another language to your portfolio.

Astronomy is a very fascinating subject. I love looking up at the stars. It's truly one of the most beautiful things to do and makes me feel so happy and at peace. Free your soul and educate yourself with this app. Find the constellations right above your head.


♥Period Tracker:
This one is for my ladies. I'm surprised everyone woman in the world doesn't use this app. It tracks your period and ovulation cycle so you know everything is super cool.

There are plenty of diet and fitness apps, but most of them track CALORIES. Fooducate is a great way to see the nutritional value of what you're eating and your overall health. You can lose weight in a healthy way and educate yourself on what's actually in your food.

♥Sleep Pillow:
I've been using this app for years. If you have a hard time falling asleep or if you want just a relaxing nap, try Sleep Pillow. With soothing sounds such as the ocean, thunderstorms and bonfires it's hard to stay awake. I usually use it when I'm trying to drown out sound, too. That always works!


Once again, one of the few apps I will pay for. If you are a musician trying to get your name heard, or someone that just likes to make music for fun: YOU NEED THIS APP. I personally like it better than the Garageband on my mac, but that's just me. Best part is you need no music experience to use it.

♥Beat Wave:
Same situation as Garageband. You can make dope beats with Beat Wave. Naturally, it's a perfect app for you producers out there, or for musicians who need some production for their music.

Stream your favorite artists on the go. Spotify pays their artists for each and every stream, so think of it this way: you're supporting all of your favorite artists simply by listening to their music no matter where you are. Count me in.


♥Robot Unicorn Attack:
You get to be a robotic unicorn that is all. Plus, the theme song is SUPER catchy.

♥Runescape Companion:
Well, this app is perfect if you actually play Runescape. I wish this existed a while ago, but hey. You no longer need to invest that much time in front of your computer screen because you can chat with your friends and use the grand exchange on the go. Ugh, what a beautiful invention.

♥The PlayStation or Xbox App:
If you are a huge gamer like myself, this app is a necessity. See who is online, message friends, manage your info, and stay up to date on the latest gaming info


I never thought an app like this would actually exist, but here we are. When you cross paths with somebody in real life, they show up on Happn and you can message them. It's supposed to be a 'dating' app but I think it's just an innovative app to have around.

This is a great app for couples. It's not 100% necessary, however, you can kiss and hug through the phone, share a calendar with your favorite person, share lists, send each other doodles, and so much more. It also let's you know when a special date is coming up (birthdays, anniversaries) and when your lover's phone is dying. I think this is pretty cool.


Startup Stock Photos

Because we all love saving money. Gain access to thousands of coupons from your favorite retailers, so you'll never have to go anywhere again without a coupon. Yes please.

Search jobs and send your resume on the go, with LITERALLY the click of a button. This makes job hunting so much easier.

♥Google Drive:
For when you don't have access to a computer -this app is a necessity. I've written papers in high school on my phone before. I've shared documents to others when I wasn't by my computer. You can easily edit, share, and create documents on the go. I usually like to do all of this on the computer, but sometimes that option isn't available.


My favorite way to gain inspiration. Home decor, recipes, inspiration quotes, fashion, crafts, DIY,and so much more.

♥Little Memory:
This app is really cute for those who want to digitally journal memories. We can argue that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are a digital journal. However, on Little Memory you can be more uncensored and post whatever you like.

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