It's no secret that life can be stressful. Life is full of factors that are both in and out of control that complicate our lives beyond reason. While it may not be possible to control everything that happens to you, there are a few steps you can take to reduce complications, stress and discontent. Making such big changes in your life may sound daunting but it's a lot easier that you'd think. The following can help you live a simple life in no time.

Identify what's important to you: Unimportant things tend to take up tons of our valuable time, stress us out and complicate our lives. It is important to single out the things that really matter and focus on the positive ways they impact you and your life. Whether those things are material possessions, goals or relationships. Eliminate meaningless distractions and get down to what really matters.

Learn to say no: It is natural to want to help others but it is imperative that you learn to say NO to other as well as yourself. Never allow the people in your life to take advantage of your generosity, you should always value your time and energy and understand that you cannot fix or change everything yourself.

Disconnect regularly: You may not notice it but the media we consume affects our lives, it can alter our moods, disrupt our routines and even change our values. Living in the digital age, we always have information and entertainment right at our fingertips, but it is important  to take a break from the screens and get back to reality.

Set goals for yourself: Having a clear set of goals for yourself and your future has a way of reducing the amount of stress and complications that you invite into your life. Flesh out your wants and needs for the future and narrow things down to small set of clear, realistic goals. Doing this will give you guidance and help you stay on track for bettering yourself.

Evaluate your relationships: Sadly, not everyone in your life is contributing to your happiness and general well-being, It is important to surround yourself with people who love you and add positive things to your life. If someone in your life is causing disorder and drama, it may be best to cut ties with them. Simplify your social life and other things will fall into place.

De-clutter your living space: As simple as it seems, keeping your living space clean and free of disorder does wonders for simplifying other parts of your life. Take the time to deep clean, de-clutter, and throw out anything that you don't actually need. Your home should keep you comfortable and serve as a basis for how you live your life.















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