Drinking only water for one month may seem really scary. You may be thinking, "coffee is basically water... isn't it?" Drinking only water for one month means drinking no coffee, no alcohol, no soda, no redbull nothing but good ol' H2O. Many people have gone a full day without a glass of water. We are so addicted to sugar and caffeine that we deprive our body of what it needs in order to drink something that tastes good. The one month water binge is a great way to rewire your body and something that I think everyone should try at some point this year. Flush out all your toxins and get your body rehydrated the right way. When the month is over, you may find yourself deciding to stick with only water for good! If not, at least you'll know that your body needs the right amount of water every day and that those other drinks should only be seen as special treats. Give your body what it needs and start drinking water! Here are a few of the benefits you'll notice from drinking only water for one month.

More Stable Moods

Without the ups and downs of your sugar and caffeine buzzes, your body is going to be feeling way more regulated. Without having that sugar crash and irritability that comes along with it, you'll be able to think clearer and be more positive all the time. Drinking only water for one month is going to give you a much more stable mood

Less Headaches

Many headaches come because we are dehydrated. Other times we get headaches from the sugar and caffeine levels in our body. Other headaches come from irritation to sulfates in wine or from other alcohol. Make the change to drink only water for a whole month, and you may find your headaches go away for good. Of course if you're a caffeine drinker you may have headaches from caffeine withdrawal in the beginning of the month, but once this is through you'll feel much better living a headache free life.Water flushes out your system of any toxins, helps aid your digestive system, and helps keep your body running on schedule. What could be better for fighting a sickness then staying fully hydrated and only drinking water? Not much else! Drink more water and stay healthier.

Healthier Skin

Many people have found that by only drinking water their skin began to glow and their acne cleared up. This is because water is a means of flushing our bodies of toxins. The more water we drink, the clearer our complexion will be. Also, the less sugary drinks we drink, the clearer our skin will be as well

Stable Metabolism

Just by drinking water, your metabolism speeds up! Once you stabilize your hydration, your metabolism and the fat burning part of your body is going to be running more smoothly and you will be overall healthier.

Forming A Great Habit

If none of the other tips lure you in, just knowing that you are forming a great habit should! Drinking only water for a whole month takes dedication and that dedication is something that is habit worthy.

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