It's 2pm and you've hit that slump. You should be focused on work, but the only thing you can concentrate on is finding the most comfortable spot in the office to take a nap. For those of you that don't have a nap-room as an option, you might be tempted to down a soda, drink another cup of coffee, or throwback a handful of sugary sweets to get you up and going. Resist that temptation! While that afternoon energy dip is completely normal, there are much better options that are both healthier and will last longer than the temporary spike you'll get with sugary or caffeine filled options. Actually good for you, here are 6 natural foods options to boost your energy.


Salmon is good on so many levels. It's packed with protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Together they can rebuild muscle, which is good for a post-exercise snack, but also has anti-inflammatory properties. Turns out chronic fatigue is connected with inflammation, and these omega-3s can make a big difference in your energy levels. Bonus, those omega 3 fatty acids also protect against depression by elevating your mood.

Greek Yogurt

We all know that Greek Yogurt has probiotics, microorganisms that help keep your digestive system regular and keep you "gut healthy." Greek yogurt is also packed full of protein, B12, potassium and calcium which help with everything from weight loss, to building muscle and post workout recovery. The balance of all these good things in Greek Yogurt makes it a perfect midday energy booster


They aren't called the "incredible edible egg" for nothing. Full of vitamin B,which takes food and turns it into energy, eggs also have a ton of protein which will help rebuild muscles after a workout, as well strengthen your bones thanks to the vitamin D. Though the fats in it are healthy, if you're concerned with calories, cut out the yolk and stick with hard boiled egg whites. It's a lean option that'll give you the energy you need in the middle of the day. Better yet, start with eggs for breakfast to prevent that midday crash in the first place


Unlike the sugar in candy or soda, bananas have natural sugars which instantly give you more energy. The difference though is that the energy from bananas actually stick. Athletes know the power of bananas, so if the fruit is good enough for someone after a hard workout, imagine what kind of boost it can give you when you're sitting at the office, especially because bananas are known for boosting brain power. On top of this, they also help combat illness, depression, PMS, anemia, blood pressure, and constipation.


Surprised that one of the most delicious snacks out there also happens to be a good choice for energy? The chickpeas in hummus helps with everything from lowering cholesterol to reducing cancer risk. Hummus also has a ton of protein in it, so it can help you manage your weight and balance blood sugar. Plus it's full of iron, which is great for boosting energy. Just make sure to pair it with an equally healthy dipper like cucumber or carrot


Known as a "superfood," almonds are packed full of magnesium and good ol vitamin B, converting that food to energy. Vitamin B is so important that people who have a deficiency in it sufficient suffer from fatigue, irritability and the inability to concentrate. While they are high in fat, the fats are a healthy, but still make sure to stick with a single serving, about 23 nuts if you're worried about the calories

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