Are you feeling frazzled lately, or frequently finding yourself zoned out in a constant stream of unhealthy thought patterns? Welp, there's an app for that! Check out these brain-healthy apps that'll help you be on your way to a calmer, more peaceful you.

1) MindMeister

Do you ever find yourself in an anxiety spiral, only to realize that you have no idea what you're even worried about? MindMeister helps you create a visual map of your thoughts, allowing you to make your mental traffic jam into a tangible, viewable entity. You can even share with friends and help each other out of your mental ruts.

2) Calm.com

Calm.com's lovely, minimal interface and calming scenes (users can choose from the beach at sunset, a rainforest, or a serene lake, complete with sound effects) make for a great app to settle your mind with. With the option of doing guided meditation or silent, self-directed sessions, Calm.com is great for beginners and seasoned meditators alike, Those new to meditation can enjoy a free, 7-step guide to meditation. Bonus feature-the nature sounds can serve as a sleep aid.

3) Headspace

Another meditation app that can help improve your focus, sleep patterns and mood is Headspace. Similar to Calm.com, Headspace offers free meditation sessions,along with an introductory course on meditation. This course focuses on helping the user integrate mindfulness into their everyday life.

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