Kimonos have literally been around for centuries, and this awesome trend is not going anywhere! The Japanese inspired fad, actually means clothing or something to wear, and over the years has become a boho chic staple. You can truly wear a kimono with anything and dress it up or down depending on the occasion. Kimonos are so versatile and you can completely transform an outfit by just throwing one on! If you are a boho chic lady just like us, then you must check out these 10 beautiful must have kimonos here!

1) O'Neill Hattie Purple-Grey Print Kimono Top

This beautiful boho chic kimono has purple and grey woven fabric, with large tile print with beige, pink, coral and bright blues.

2)Billabong Tame Heart Women's Kimono

Wear this bohemian kimono with jeans and a t-shirt, or dress it up with maxi dress. There are endless styles you can pull off with this awesome kimono, bohemian casual.....boho chic, it's up to you!

3)Rose Pink Maxi Kimono

This romantic rose print kimono is long and flows beautifully with the black brings on the bottom. This piece is a great staple to have in your wardrobe!

4)Asos Rose Floral Print Kimono

This stunning kimono will make you stand out beautifully in a crowd with this laid back, yet bold look. You can pair it with an array of colors and styles. It's easy and effortless!

5)Nico Fringe Kimono

This sheer black and rose fringed kimono is prefect for any season! Layer it over shorts and a crop top, a dress, or even a bathing suit and you will have heads turning.

6)Noisy May Lace Longline Kimono

This lace kimono is a great addition to any boho chic lover's wardrobe. The relaxed fit makes this piece versatile, bohemian, and totally stunning

7)Bournon Velvet Kimono

This nylon and velvet kimono is a great winter piece to pair with a sweater and jeans. This look is warm, cozy, chic, and fashionable.

8) Bali Border Open Poncho

The Bali Border Open Poncho is a great, yet very versatile piece for the spring and summer. Pair this intricate design with a simple pair of jeans or monotone colored dress.

9) Geo Print Knit Kimono

This South African inspired print is a great piece for the winter, and it is so cozy and fashion forward, you will not want to take it off!

10)Rise and Shine Kimono

Make a statement with this bold and versatile kimono. This kimono is perfect for a weekend at a music festival!

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Mange fine kimonos :) Likte s godt nr 4!

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