You love bright city nights filled with adventure and you love windy mornings filled with latte art. You find yourself wearing a over the shoulder messenger bag filled with receipts, pen and paper, and plane tickets. You leave your lipstick on every coffee mug and your perfume on every pillow. While your impression on others may be short-lived but it is powerful.

Your heart is filled with wanderlust and your soul won't rest until you get to touch every city, suburb and town: you are a 21st century girl traveler.

The magic you have within you is timeless but you have an advantage: you live in the 21st century. Technology gives you the chance to express yourself and your adventures. But most importantly, it enhances your adventures by making the obligatory things short and easy. You'll never find yourself stressing out over delayed fights, bad wifi, and culture shock again thanks to these tech-savvy apps.

You'll never want to stay in a hotel again. AirBNB gives you the opportunity to stay in the extra room in other peoples' homes. You'll get a more authentic traveling experience for way cheaper. The hosts are like your own personal concierges, knowing everything about the city you're staying in

Lonely Planet Language Guides
The key to a successful trip is knowing some of the locals language and lingo! You'll never have to deal with missing out due to lack of understanding others.

Tipping has always been a sensitive subject. And when you start adding different currencies in the mix, you reach a whole new level of confusion. Tipulator helps you calculate tips based on currency. Bye, calculator app!

The airfare search engine you've been dreaming about. Unlike KAYAK and Expedia, Skiplagged shows you hidden city fares. You can find affordable flights within the click of a button.

Public Transit Apps (specific to where you're going)
This completely depends on where you're traveling. Spending a week in New York? Download the New York City Subway app. Studying abroad in Japan? Download NAVITIME for all your public transit needs.

Why take a taxi when you can have your ride pull up right to you for way less? Not to mention, you get the chance for free rides by referring others. Everything is in your control considering it's all on your phone!

This app is a LIFE SAVIOR. You know when you go and get gas and then you find out the gas station a few miles down the road was significantly cheaper? With Gas Buddy, you never will have to worry about that again. Plus, when driving in the middle of nowhere, it can be important to monitor the closest gas stations so you don't run out.

When traveling, you never know when you're phone connection is going to act up. Have your man download the app and now you two can talk no matter where in the world you are. The app typically uses wifi, but works on data too. Yay for no unnecessary charges on your phone bill!

Starbucks App
No matter how you feel about this coffee chain, it'll come in handy when traveling. Short change? Lost your wallet? Don't have the right currency? You can easily pay with your Starbucks app and get your coffee fix virtually anywhere in the world.

Ever wanna fly on a private jet without emptying out your entire wallet? Empty LegMkt lets you bid on the empty leg that a private jet has to fly anyways. See you later, crying baby.

The go to app for all of your travel needs. Reviews on all the local attractions, hotels and restaurants all from tourists just like you. You can learn from others bad travel experiences so you won't have to.

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