Don't get it wrong, mom's are amazing at giving advice. But there are definitely certain areas where, while she definitely has your best interest at heart, she may be seeing things from a fogg. albeit loving, perspective. After all, you're her little girl and she only wants to see you happy. But when it comes to relationship advice, you might need some no-bullshit straight talk from one of your best friends to get you seeing things clearly. Here are 5 pieces of relationship advice that your mom probably won't give you
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1. He doesn't have to make the first move.

Yes I said it. If you like a guy, be gutsy and tell him you like him. Ask him out, don'' just wait around pouting your pretty lips and fluttering your gorgeous eyes. That's so 50 years ago!

2. Hooking up on the first date is not the end of the world.

The old adage that says he'll lose respect for you and never want to see you again is a load of crap. If he really likes you, he's definitely going to want to hang out again. Plus, if he's that shallow and old fashioned, why would you want to see him again anyway?

3. Don't act like someone you're not early on in a relationship

If you've just started a new relationship, it can be tempting to act like a precious princess who always agrees with everything he says, and giggles at his every comment. DO NOT DO THIS! You need to show him that you are a smart, courageous, sometimes outspoken, oftentimes goofy, makes mistakes and handles them, type of woman! If that doesn't fly with him, he shouldn't fly with you.

4. You're better off alone than in a bad relationship.

Don't try to make a relationship work out just because he's "good on paper." I don't care if he has a great job, buys you chocolate, and always brings flowers to your mother when he visits. Only you and your partner know what kind of relationship you have, and if it isn't up to your standards, cut him loose.


5. The end goal of all relationships isn't to score a ring necessarily.

Your mother will never tell you this, but sometimes it isn't about getting him to put a ring on it. A relationship is like a journey where you learn about yourself as much as you learn about your significant other, sometimes more. And often you come to a fork in the road, and he takes one path, you take the other. That's healthy. Even if all the other people in your life, parents included, assumed your relationship was headed towards the aisle, in the end it's up to you to decide if that's what you really want, or if this is the guy you want it with.

















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