Moving on from a relationship is never easy. You want to hold onto something you and your significant other have built together. But, sometimes, as we all know, there comes a point when that relationship no longer brings you the joy it used to. In that moment, you have to make a choice. Do you work through it? Or, do you move on from the relationship? Here are some signs that maybe it's time to move on. 


1) You prefer to be alone than with him: There's nothing wrong with alone time; every individual needs time to to be with him or herself. No couple should spend all its time together. However, when you realize you prefer to spend more time with yourself than with your significant other, it's time to reexamine the relationship. People grow apart; things change. It takes courage to recognize those changes and move on from something. If you're spending more time alone, it probably stems from the fact that you want to be single or you no longer want to be spending time with the particular person with whom you're in a relationship.

2) The two of you never fight anymore: While we may not enjoy fighting, it's important to realize that fighting usually comes from a place of love. We care about something or someone so much so that it drives us to irrational yelling. You shouldn't be fighting with your significant other all the time, but a complete absence of fighting may point to a lack of passion in the relationship.

3) Kissing feels physical, not emotional: A great kiss can change the world, but to do that, it needs to be felt on both the physical and emotional levels. Have you ever randomly kissed someone and thought, "It was a great kiss, but like, it was nothing more than that"? If you're kissing your significant other and feel nothing beyond the touch of his lips, then perhaps the love is no longer as strong as it once was.

4) The conversation feels forced: There used to be a time when you talked about the future, your favorite novels, and your fondest childhood memories. These days, any conversation beyond what you're having for dinner feels forced. The natural flow has stopped. Take time to examine what is causing this stop. It may be something simple like stress. Or, it could point to a larger issue in your relationship.

5) You don't trust each other: What is a relationship built on if it's not built on trust? Losing trust is losing faith. It's time to move on.














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