We know you don't mistreat your bras on purpose, you love each and everyone one of them. But you're probably doing at least a few things wrong when it comes to the care of your delicates. Here are 5 ways you're actually ruining all of your lovely bras, and here's how to fix it!


1. You're Using the Wrong Detergent & Cycle

Did you know the gentle wash setting on your washing machine exists for a reason? Yep, that's right, it's for your delicates! Not only that but you shouldn't be using the same harsh detergents you use on your street clothes. Invest in a high-end, eco-friendly detergent for your bras and panties.

2. You're Machine Drying Them

This causes the fabric to pill and the elastic to lose it's elasticity. Lay each bra flat or drape them over a hanger and let them air dry

3. You're Wringing Water out of Your Bras

Whatever you do, don't twist the water out of your hand-washed bras. This will cause the cups to lose their shape and elasticity. Again, lay them flat or hang them.

4. You're Wearing the Same Bra 2 Days in a Row

When you wear the same bra 2 days in a row, you are not giving the elastic time to reshape itself between wears. This will cause your bras to stretch out more quickly. Cycle your bras instead, we know you have plenty!

5. You're Stuffing Your Bras in a Drawer

Don't just shove your bras into a crowded drawer because the shape will again be disfigured. Fold each cup in on each other and lay them out neatly.

















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