2015 was all about contouring, but it's a new year. We're absolutely head-over-heels obsessed with the glow that highlighters give us and we want MORE! There's nothing more disappointing than seeing brand name makeup in your favorite magazine and thinking, "I should buy this!" Buy something expensive later, you realize maybe it wasn't worth the money. Below is  a list of affordable highlighters that do the job for all skin tones


Highlighter trio by Model Co


This highlighter is not quite liquid, not quite powder, so it's great for beginners who may not know how to blend or contour well yet. Plus, it includes one shade of white, pink and brown - so you can really experiment with different looks for your skin tone!

Baked Highlighters by ELF

This is definitely one of the most affordable highlighters and it sells out like CRAZY. If you want your face to shine for less, ELF is your best bet. 

Copacabana the Multiple by NARS

Although a bit on the pricy side - Copacabana can be used for literally everything. Highlighting sticks have been really popular amongst celebrity makeup artists and bloggers because of how easy it is to blend, but they can also be used for eyeshadow and just generally brightening your look.

Illuminators by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Every makeup vlogger swears by Anatasia Beverly Hills, and we have to take their word for it. It's like an instagram filter for your face..except...it follows you everywhere you go. We'll take one in every shade, please. 

NYX BB Cream

Although not technically meant to illuminate your skin, this gets the job done perfectly while also working to make your skin healthier in the long run. Plus, NYX is eco-friendly and they don't test on animals.

Chanel Camelia de Plume

If highlighter is the one makeup item you are willing to splurge on, this is your new best friend. Every Chanel highlighter has 'chic aesthetic' written all over it. It feels like you are applying actual gold to your skin and it looks like it too. Every single one has a design on it. What a true work of art.

Fairy Dust Dusting Powder by Lush

First of all, it's called fairy dust. That should be the only reason you need to get it. Secondly, it naturally smells like Tinkerbell. Third, it's 110% natural. In conclusion, you'll feel like a fairy princess just by wearing this.








































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