No one ever really plans on waking up and having a bad day. But when you don't get enough sleep, when there's a lot on your mind, or even if you simply had a dream that rubbed you the wrong way, it can alter your mood before your feet even hit the floor. It's human and understandable. The key is to not allow it to ruin the rest of your morning, let alone the rest of your day.

And just how can you do that? By choosing to think on the positive side. If for you, that's easier said than done, here are some quotes to either print off, or jot down on a Post-it. These simple quotes can help you to see life differently.

Look for the silver lining

The silver lining. It sounds so clich but there are a lot of benefits that come from trying to incorporate seeing the silver lining in all things. Say that you just found out that you didn't get the promotion you were looking for. That sucks. But the silver lining is you still have a job. Say that you found out your car needs some repairs. That's unfortunate. But at least you have a vehicle. Looking on the brighter side of things is not about ignoring your problems. It's about choosing to see the good in the midst of them. Doing that can do a lot to lighten your spirits and mood

Rejection can be a form of protection

Who wants to be rejected? Whether it's related to a professional opportunity or a personal situation, being told "no" can do a number on your self-esteem. If you let it. Rather than choosing to see rejection as a personal attack, look for how it could end up being a blessing in disguise. Sometimes the closed doors are the ones that lead you to something far better than what you originally thought that you wanted. Life has a funny way of working out like that sometimes.

Something great could be moments away

Just because you have an idea of what the day will bring, that doesn't mean there may not be some surprises up ahead. One of the best (and quickest) ways to get yourself out of a bad mood is to choose to say to yourself "I'm going to be on the lookout for something great." The positive energies that you put forth could bring all kinds of happiness your way.

Bad times are sometimes growing pains

When a baby is in the process of being born, it is a challenging time for the child and the mother. But the difficulties are what end up manifesting a pure miracle. Along these same lines, that's how we should look at the bad times we might be having. In order to grow, sometimes there has to be discomfort, if not flat-out pain. The good news is, you'll be a bigger and better person because of it, if you choose to think positively.

Yes, it could ALWAYS be worse

The "it could always be worse" approach is not about minimizing what you're going through. It's about helping you to keep those experiences in their proper perspective. You don't have enough money for cable? There are some people who don't have a place to stay. You just found out you need to have a root canal? Some folks just got a cancer diagnosis. Accepting that things could be worse than they are helps you to be less of a complainer and more of a solutions-oriented kind of individual. That's always a good thing.

Happiness is a choice

If you were only happy when things went just the way you wanted them to, you would be on an emotional roller coaster for the rest of your life! Don't allow outward circumstances to predict what your overall attitude is going to be. Choose happiness no matter what. It's what will give you the ability to make things better, no matter how stressful or challenging they may be. Have a good one!



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